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    detail from an Optimistic Architecture workshop
  • Cultural ReProducers, 2013
    parents, children, mixed media

    The art world doesn’t quite know what to do with mothers. Or children. Or fathers actively raising their own kids. This has a profound impact on the ways we make, curate, review, and experience culture. If raising children who value and engage with art benefits not only families but also culture as a whole, then raising such children is a profound creative act in itself.

    Cultural ReProducers is a web resource and a community-based project for and about active cultural workers who are also working it out as parents of small children. Online and on paper, we publish interviews with a wide range of cultural workers and discuss relevant exhibitions, films, comics, residencies, events, and more. We also organize events to connect parents in the arts, including playground gatherings, panel discussions, workshops, and an Optimistic Architecture booth at the Terrain Biennial.

    In 2014 Christa Donner and Selina Trepp are working to co-curate and coordinate a series of childcare-supported art events with galleries and museums throughout Chicago. The goal of this project is twofold: to give parents and their kids the chance to participate as critical members of the arts community, and to inspire cultural institutions to better serve artists and audiences, providing positive models for future programming. This project is made possible through support from the Propeller Fund

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